The DVD: Personal Trainer Training and More!

Clients are now more informed than ever. Because of this, you need to provide them with an experience and a knowledge base that not only helps them get results, but enhances your reputation as a trusted source for fitness and exercise help. Having owned only 1 of 2 personal trainer training companies in the country that taught fitness professionals how to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and recreation, I can tell you first hand, training certifications DO NOT prepare you for clients with orthopedic considerations. 

Most personal trainers I know who work in gyms are expected to teach new members how to use gym machines however most trainers just assume they know how and usually teach people incorrectly.  This also includes proper stretches, crunches, and setting up their posture for success.  As a physical therapist and fitness professional I want to provide you with inexpensive personal trainer training that will help your clients avoid an injury and get better results.

Believe it or not, it's not all about elite, cross training  exercises or the newest and latest fitness gadgets that people want.  You would be surprised that once your clients know you have an extensive knowledge on how to teach them proper technique and how to avoid an injury, they are your clients for life!   Personal trainer training involves learning the basics that keep people healthy and challenge them to their current ability, not your imaginative exercise arsenal.  Remember the first rule is Do No HARM!

Whatever role you play in the health and fitness profession, my DVD will help enhance outcomes for your clients, patients, or students and may even put a few extra dollars in your pocket.

We offer great deals for bulk orders of the video on DVD. Contact us if you are interested in buying the video in bulk to use as a gym orientation giveaway or to sell for some additional passive income.

  • Personal Trainer
  • Gym Owner
  • Physical Therapist or Chiropractor
  • Phys Ed. Teacher or Professor