The DVD: Post Rehab Training

Having recovered from an injury, you learned the hard way that without your health life just isn't as enjoyable.  An injury is not only painful, but it's expensive and time consuming.  Now it's time to get back to exercise with Post Rehab Training!

The root cause of most injuries is the force that imbalance or asymmetry places on your body.  Imbalance and asymmetry overloads your muscles and joints and eventually breaks them down. There is a solution, and after years of helping people just like you, I have decided to share it with the world.

The techniques in this DVD, like Body Consciousness, Total Body Posture™, and the Three Step Exercise Technique™, were created not only to prevent an injury, but to help people sustain health over a lifetime. It is the perfect way to begin your post rehab training routine.  Remember, exercise isn't good for you unless it's done right.  Starting slowly and with correct form is a sure way to progress from rehabilitation to recreation.

If your post rehab training program will be at your gym, then learning the correct set-up and execution of gym machines, stretches, crunches, cardio and most importantly, your joint and postural alignment, is a must.  It's all on my video for FREE!  As a physical therapist for over a decade, believe me, you can't afford NOT to have this.  I use it will all my patients and they all say the same thing, "... this makes total sense, I have never exercised this way before, but I get it now!"  Hope to see you on my blog!