The DVD: Fitness Veterans

I have spent the last decade teaching people how to use gym machines in fitness centers all over the country as well as rehabilitating people back from exercise related pain and suffering.  I can tell you that the majority of people you'll find working out at home or in a gym are focusing on all the wrong things. 

The media is constantly bombarding us with the latest exercise fads that were designed to address our vanity rather than our health or fitness.  These trends are all ignoring the most important fact:  It isn't about what you do at home or in the gym that matters, it's about HOW you do it!  The fact is, even if you have been exercising in a gym for decades, most people have no idea how to use gym machines effectively and safely!

The reality is that most people who have been exercising, have never learned the key concepts at the center of joint health and long lasting results.  I guarantee that when you learn the techniques in this DVD you won't exercise the same way again. The best part, is that you can apply these concepts to the exercise routine you already have.  Think you have the fitness center mastered? Learn how to use gym machines the RIGHT way, and get even better results!

Get the video and learn how to use gym machines correctly and become the smartest person in the gym.  Don’t forget to visit my blog and share this with the people you want to help get fit and stay healthy!