The DVD: Beginners

In school we receive education on all kinds of skills. Unfortunately proper exercise technique isn't one of them.  Whether you are learning a beginners exercise plan from a friend, the Internet, a magazine, television, or a potentially under qualified "expert," beginners exercise techniques are often left out.

This DVD teaches the vital skills required for any beginners exercise program to ensure your success.  Once mastered, you will be well on your way to avoiding an injury and sustaining healthy exercise habits for your entire lifetime. Take it from me, as a physical therapist, who designs and implements workout plans for beginners, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.  You can't afford to start exercising the wrong way. Your health and the quality of your life depend on a proper fitness regimen!  

A beginners exercise program must contain exactly what it says, beginners exercise techniques. Far too many people, new to fitness, start off with complex and rigirous plans that are usually far beyond their scope and ability.  Along with minimal success they tend to put people at risk for injury.  Workout plans for beginners must first start with learning body consciousness, followed by postural control and a fitness methedology that involves practice and experience before moving into more complex programs.

Visit my blog and get all the information and tools you need to know to incorporate into workout plans for beginners, in a gym or in your home.  Share it with the people in your life that deserve honest and applicable fitness advice.  You may even help them avoid an injury!