The DVD: Overview

Did you know that millions of people end up with injuries and painful conditions because they failed to learn how to start exercising? The reason?  Incorrect form. The sad reality is that despite your best intentions to improve your physical condition exercise is NOT good for you unless it's done the right way. The good news is that it's not too late to learn how to exercise in a gym or in your home!

If you really want the truth about how to start exercising, you'll need to master the basics. The techniques I teach are not difficult, but once learned, will change the way you exercise forever.  I created this video after years of watching countless patients and clients sustain painful conditions and injuries just because they never learned how to start exercising or were performing exercises far beyond their ability.  The other injured patients and clients were the ones who had never learned how to exercise in a gym.  In both of these cases, like the millions across the country and the globe, the solution was simple.  Educate them!

My video delivers a simple three-step technique that you will not find anywhere else. This technique will help prevent injury and more importantly get you longr lasting health to sustain the results you desire. I will even teach you all the skills and techniques you will need to master in order to know how to exercise in a gym, at home, or on the road.  You will be prepared for any fitness environment.

With over 60 minutes of exercise and fitness instruction from a licensed physical therapist and fitness professional, you will become your own fitness expert.  Below is a video preview of what's included and exactly how to start exercising as well as how to start exercising in a gym. After watching it, scroll down, click on the pictures and learn more about each section in the video. You can also select your fitness level and find out why this video is right for every fitness level!

  • Learn All About Body Consciousness
  • Learn How To Set Up The Most Popular Gym Machines
  • Master the Perfect Abdominal Crunch
  • Get An Expert Lesson in the Correct Exercise Posture
  • Learn The Top 10 Most Effective Stretches
  • Learn How to Use the Three Step Exercise Technique

Select your fitness situation


Select this option if you are looking to start a beginners exercise program and want to learn how beginners exercise the RIGHT way rather than trying to figure it out on your own. When it comes to workout plans for beginners, the vital skills taught on this DVD will ensure your success. 


Fitness Veterans

Select this option if you think you know how to exercise in a gym, but want to elevate your fitness intelligence to the next level.  The information on this DVD will help reduce your risk of injury and enhance your workouts. 



Select this option if you have recently recovered from an injury and want to get back to exercising the RIGHT way. You  learned the hard way that if you're injured you can't exercise but now it's time to get back in the game.  Learn what it takes to stay injury free.



Select this option if you are a certified personal trainer, gym owner, physical therapist, chiropractor, phys ed. teacher, or other fitness professional.  Learn how this DVD can help enhance your outcomes and generate additional income for your business.