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A Work Out In A Gym or at home is initially about Exercise Injury PreventionA Work Out In A Gym or at home is initially about Exercise Injury Prevention!

As a Physical Therapist and fitness professional, I am in the trenches every day, rehabilitating people and teaching exercise injury prevention. Many of my clients hurt themselves while performing a work out in a gym or with home based exercises. Other patients just need to retool their current exercise technique and some are learning a beginner's exercise program for the first time. I originally created this e-course exclusively for my patients.  Its purpose was exercise injury prevention rather than rehabilitating an injured patient.  I wanted to give them the tools to master fitness and exercise while helping them eliminate any related pain and suffering.  After the overwhelmingly positive response of those who had completed the course and returned to a work out in a gym or at home,  I decided to give it to everyone — including you!

It's my mission to be the resource for exercise injury prevention and to give you the fitness education you need and deserve. The e-course is an eye-opening experience delivered right to your inbox daily for seven days.  It includes pictures, videos, and crucial concepts that you must learn in order to succeed in exercise.  Upon completion of this e-course, I'd like to continue to give you the secrets, tips, and truth about exercise to maximize your success. Scroll down right now, and find out all of the amazing content you'll receive from Day One through Day Seven. You will NOT learn this anywhere else. The start of your journey is just a click away. Your e-mail is always safe. We enforce a strict, NO-SPAM policy!

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calendarDAY 1 

Learn how to immediately spot the RIGHT and WRONG way to exercise or work out in a gym. Includes a BONUS VIDEO teaching you how to begin to adopt Total Body Posture™ in your workout.

calendarDAY 2

Understand and apply a little known theory at the source of exercise injury prevention. Includes a BONUS VIDEO that proves this theory!

calendarDAY 3

Achieve Perfect Posture for the first time and learn how to apply a concept that's over one thousand years old, to your next work out in a gym!

calendarDAY 4

Reduce your risk of an exercise injury just by changing your grip position.  Includes a BONUS VIDEO to teach you why and how this works!

calendarDAY 5

Master an exercise you've been avoiding with step-by-step instruction.  Includes a BONUS VIDEO on exactly how to do this!

calendarDAY 6

Find out why a billion dollar sneaker company’s slogan is WRONG!  I’ll also tell you what causes over 50% of athletic injuries seen by doctors and you won’t believe it!

calendarDAY 7

Save money by adopting the most inexpensive solution to exercise injury prevention and fitness mastery that you can't afford NOT to have!

I encourage you to visit my blog and feel free to ask me any questions you may have about fitness.  Remember, when in doubt, don't guess!  It could cost you your health.  Instead let me give you the answers you deserve.  Know someone who would benefit from this E-course?  Pay it forward and share this page with someone you'd like to help!