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With so much bad information out there about exercise and fitness, I decided to raise the bar. My mission is to help you avoid an injury and get the most out of your experience. Which is why I will not only show you WHAT to do, but more importantly HOW to do it.  I will also be sure to tell you WHY, so you understand for yourself the purpose of your own behavior.  Nothing is worse than doing something just because "someone else said so."

I, like most people, have a short attention span. Unless something really speaks to me, I give it a bit of time and move on quickly.  Which is why my blog will consist of very particular sections, so that you can decide how you would like to digest it.  Jumping right to "the takeaway" message is the abridged approach, but if something sounds interesting you can read the whole thing!  Even though I own two businesses, have a wife and two kids, I look forward to answering your questions, any chance I get, so ask away!

My blog posts will usually consist of the following sections:

  1. Intro Section: Set up for the post and what's to come
  2. Main section: This is main body of the post, the meat and potatoes.
  3. Do Now Section: Something for you to try immediately (Getting you involved. After all, this is for you and about you!)
  4. The Takeaway Section: The single most important message I want you to understand
  5. Homework Assignment: Something I want you to do or think about. I despise homework, so I will make it worth doing. Or just literally, don't do it.  I won't be offended. Completing this section is purely for your benefit.

"Ask an Expert"
There is an "Ask an Expert" section on the main blog page.  If you have a question related to fitness and exercise, DON'T GUESS! Chances are, thousands of others have a similar question.  Help yourself and potentially someone else.  Ask me and I will either film a blog or give you the answer!

  • I won't take your time here, but if you haven't read "A Message from Jon" on the "About Jon" section of the site do so immediately.  You'll see firsthand how and why it became my mission to help you not only avoid the pain and suffering of an injury, but to spread the truth about exercise to the world.

The second request is that you take two minutes and watch the video on my homepage. It will not only help put a face and voice to this blog, but it will help you see what you'll need to do to get started on becoming your own fitness expert!  (P.S. I filmed it in my practice where I work every day)

If you find that the information in my FREE e-course resonates with you and you want to continue this journey with me, welcome aboard.

My five year old explained to me after school one day that he learned, "Sharing is Caring!"  So please, if you really do "care" about this stuff and you know someone else who will too, "share" it! My five year old and I respectfully thank you!

What you need to know about me!
1. I consider myself a deeply spiritual person and often times try to help myself and those around me evolve and grow from the intellect and the spirit!

2. I have been accused of being slightly offensive in the name of having a good time.  Exercise is a serious topic but life is about having fun and being happy! I apologize in advance.

3. I often like to include quotes from living and deceased people who have made an impact on this planet. I believe we can learn a lot from others experiences.

4. I am extremely approachable and like nothing more than to help you with a big smile! It's what I do for a living!

Finally, I'd like to leave you with something to think about. There is a physics equation that states the following: 

POWER = Work over Time

Power is something we all would love to have, so consider this. Do you control Time? The answer is NO! Then, what's the only other variable in the above equation you have control over? WORK.  If you're willing to learn and you're willing to do the RIGHT work over time, POWER is your future!

Hope to hear from you on the blog real soon!

“It's my mission to get over a million people to exercise with higher intelligence and body awareness, have supportive friends, prevent the rise of an orthopedic epidemic while doing our part to reduce the financial burden on healthcare, just by learning to exercise the RIGHT way!”


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