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10 “Must DO” steps for Gym Workouts: Is your choice of exercise too aggressive? (Part 2)

Posted on May 06 2013 in Gym Workouts


Exercise isn't good for you unless you do it RIGHT.  Learning these skills is very much like progressing through school.  You need to start with the basics and build a foundation in order to be able to advance in both home and gym workouts.  In the last blog post I gave you the first five techniques and skills you need to master.  If you missed it, you can read it here.  

Now I am going to tell you skill and techniques numbers six through ten.

6. Basic Exercise Execution With Combined Posture:  This is where you put it all together! I created my DVD and the Three Step Exercise Technique because you have to perform and practice these to be able to advance to higher levels of exercise successfully.  You need to be able to combine these first four skills and techniques to move on!  Now it doesn't mean you can't do higher levels of exercise, it just means your ability to get results and do it injury free over your lifetime is unlikely.

7. Mastering Cable Systems and Dumbbells:  Believe it or not cable systems and dumbbells are not the first thing to start doing.  They are sixth on the list in mastering exercise.  Without the stability and structured support and guidance of a machine, it's all up to you.  Some good resources to review before continuing gym workouts include my blog post on tandem and sport ready stance and my DVD.  Knowing the differences between dumbbell and cable systems will be crucial for your success.

8. Plyometrics: Plyometrics involves the act of jumping and landing and can be done in several ways. It can be done forward and backwards, side to side, from a height or a step, or on level ground.  Because "plyos" are high impact and require your body to have stability with quick acceleration and deceleration, it puts a much higher demand on your body.  That is why it is much further down this list.  It happens to be a part of a lot of people's personal training and group fitness classes, however, it is an advanced element of exercise and so has a high risk of injury if not done right.

9. Functional Training and Group Fitness:  This type of sport specific and activity specific training involves the movement of multiple joints in multiple directions at the same time. It includes movements that increase and decrease speed, high and low impact, and so, to do it the right way over your lifetime requires a high level of skill and ability.
It is a wildly popular choice in a lot of gym workouts because it combines weights, cardio and a variety exercises.  It is usually less expensive than one-on-one training, and fits within people's time constraints for exercise.  On the other hand, because the head instructor doesn't know the entire classmembers' individual abilities, their orthopedic issues, if any, and can't monitor everyone at once, it presents a high risk level and makes the participant much more responsible for the correct execution of the class.  I see a ton of patients from these classes.

10. Fitness Fads- Insanity, P90x, CrossFit, Kick Boxing, Zumba etc.: Even though these programs started as home routines, I see more and more people using them as gym workouts. These fads are in a category all on their own.  Although they fit into category nine above, they are completely different.  Think of a set of golf clubs, the driver, although one of a number of clubs in your bag, is a different animal than even the lowest number iron.  High reward, but high risk!  Most people should never pull it out of the bag!  These programs are sold as "Extreme." Don't start here.  Again, if you want to play good golf, don't start hitting your driver.  You will end up in lost in the woods.

Do Now

  1. Read my free blog on exercise responsibility and the other on mind control & exercise awareness.
  2. Take my FREE e-course and start becoming your own fitness expert.
  3. Calculate your target heart rate and get a heart rate monitor to accurately and safely get cardiovascular results with exercise.
  4. Purchase my DVD and learn everything you need to know to get started on exercising to avoid an injury and get results
  5. Start practicing Total Body Posture and the Three Step Exercise Technique until you have mastered it with exercise.
  6. Finally, take a serious look at your exercise program or future decisions and make sure you understand that exercising to your level and ability is where results occur.  Levels of exercise above and below your ability cause injury and suffering!

The Takeaway

Choosing and executing a successful exercise lifestyle over your lifetime must include a progression as outlined.  Starting with low risk, low demand, low ability, and low difficulty is where it's at!  Only then should you move to higher forms of exercise.  Trust me, it's really easy to start at higher levels, but injuring yourself in the process is sure to derail your fitness goals!  Oh, and by the way if you really want to see something interesting, see how people in the UK are turning exercise into energy production!

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In exercise, what you don't know CAN hurt you!


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