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Outfits You Shouldn’t Wear to Gym Workouts

Posted on September 19 2013 in Fitness IntelligenceGym Workouts

The outfits you wear for your gym workouts are as important as the exercises you do. Although comfort always comes first in choosing workout clothing, choosing the wrong garments may not always provide optimal support for your body when executing different movements. 

Especially if you're just beginning to follow an exercise plan, getting what you're wearing when you work out right may seem a less than critical detail, but it's really imporant to realizing the maximum benefit from your efforts.

Here are some clothes you should avoid wearing to gym workouts:

  1. Long, Baggy Pants
    There have been many instances of baggy pants getting caught in in stationary bikes and other exercise machines. In gym workouts, it is important to remember that your legs should be kept free from any obstacles. With baggy pants, the hems might get caught and lead to accidents which you definitely don’t want to happen. Instead, choose capris or slim-fitting shorts or pants.
  2. Cotton Shirts
    Cotton easily absorbs sweat and doesn’t quickly release it through evaporation. Moreover, wearing a sweat-soaked shirt can give you skin irritation and give you chills while you are working out. Wearing a top with CoolMax or Dri-FIT technology helps keep you comfortable especially when having intense gym workouts and it helps you avoid skin irritation as it draws moisture away from your body.
  3. Thong Underwear
    Although thongs look good with slim-fitting pants or shorts, they are not the best kind of underwear for gym workouts. Sweat that clings to thongs can cause rectal bacteria to grow and travel. This can lead to urinary tract and related infections and can intensify existing skin irritation as well. The best option to choose is a seamless style of underwear made in a material suited for intense exercise.
  4. Tank tops
    Before wearing a tank top to the gym, check if it 'spills out' in when you're oriented different directions. You can try bending forward and do jumping jacks to make sure that it fits your chest perfectly. In buying tank tops, choose ones that have a high neckline to limit unwanted exposure.

In Exercise, What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You!

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