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How to Spot the Best Beginner Workout DVD

Posted on July 22 2013 in Recommended Products

How to Spot the Best Beginner Workout DVDLet me start by saying that, on this site, I offer my own Workout DVD, and you would probably think I was crazy if I didn't think it's the best one going. But in this blog post, I'm going to hold judgement on my own DVD and talk about how to spot the best beginner workout DVD for you.

Many workout tutorials for beginners teach people inadequately. This means that they either contain exercises that are not for novices or teach the right ones, but don't do so holistically.  They tend to offer you a coreographed routine taught by someone who has little to no knowledge of correct biomachanical movement.  Although the instructors tend to have the body you want, doing exactly what they say without first learning the foundational methods of exercise can be a huge mistake!  They may show you "what" to do, but the results are a product of "how" you do it.

More than offering ineffective advice, a number of workout DVDs are quite expensive. And regardless of price, not choosing the best means wasting your money and time with workouts that could do more harm than good. There are three essential qualities you should look out for in the best beginner workout DVD.

Essentials for Identifying the Best Beginner Workout DVD:

It teaches body consciousness.

 First and foremost, the best beginner workout DVD will not merely educate people about the kinds of exercises needed to keep the body fit, it also tackles the science of body consciousness, which involves the harmony of the mind and body in order to effectively achieve your fitness goals. Through body consciousness, a beginner understands that the human body is not just one structure but has many parts that work together, and therefore keeping the entire body healthy means paying attention to each part.

It teaches you how to identify the warning signs of improper exercise technique.

The best beginner workout DVD will teach you one very important lesson that other instructional videos fail to teach: Caution.  The truth is, many failures in the gym don’t result from lack of motivation, but from exercise-related injuries that result from improper execution or the wrong choice of exercise. Many workout DVDs tell you that “feeling the burn” means getting calories out of your system while in fact, the burning sensation may not be a result of burning calories but from damage to your muscles and joints from overexertion.

It teaches you about the right body posture.

The number of sets and repetitions are of secondary importance in the best beginner workout DVD. The most important point is how each exercise is executed. The proper alignment of your spine and limbs, the proper distance between your feet and the right direction to be facing can very well determine the success of your fitness endeavours. Getting these right will help you in succeeding in more complicated exercise regimens.


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