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How To Start Exercising Responsibly!

Posted on February 28 2013 in Fitness Intelligence

Succeeding in the world of exercise and staying injury free, means that you must have a sense of responsibility.  But with such a depleting amount of human personal responsibility, it's no wonder exercise success is declining and injuries are on the rise.

The word responsibility is: RESPONSE & ABILITY....  "the ability to respond".

See if this scenario that we continually hear makes sense now:

" You have to eat right and exercise!"  sound familiar?  The question is, do you have the "ABILITY" to "RESPOND".  Are you going to take responsibility?

With no formal education as children and young adults on how to  exercise and eat properly, it's no wonder the vast majority of people are IRRESPONSIBLE! 

You're now left to navigate the world of diet and exercise in a "do-it-yourself" kind of way.  So what most people do is search for the desired results they want, and work backwards.  It's exactly why "before & after" photos and hot, ripped fitness buffs are at the front end of most of these programs. Because that's what most people think they want.

Buying one of these programs or joining a gym and flopping around with a personal trainer, IS NOT RESPONSE- ABLE!   It's a solution, but it's not responsible behavior.

The exercise methods and routines you choose are one thing, but HOW you complete them is where responsibility resides.  It's like driving a car.  Getting in and getting from point A to point B is driving, but making sure you drive the speed limit, use your blinkers and stay in your lane is  RESPONSIBLE DRIVING! 

Learning how to control your posture, learning how to identify when your body is warning you, or when it isn't keeping up,  and generally the health of your movements is responsibility! Wanting a "six-pack", wanting to "look good" occurs in your mind not your body!  Exercise responsibility IS the only way to achieve long term goals in exercise health.

Do Now: 

You have to write this down!  Simply reading it keeps it in your mind which isn't where physical exercise exists.  Writing it gives birth to it on this planet, where your body is!  Get a piece of paper and write the following statement: 

"The purpose of exercise in my life fulfills two priorities.  The first priority is for my body and the second priority is for my mind.  If I ever choose to exercise  for the second priority I will be ignoring my body and satisfying my mind!

My First Priority: I will learn to exercise correctly and choose the appropriate exercise  in order to promote the integrity of my muscles and joints and the general health of my body for my entire lifespan.

My Second Priority: I will choose exercise because it's fun, I enjoy it, and because it will help me promote my self image.

The Takeaway:

If you're not exercising, you're not taking responsibility.  If you are exercising and haven't learned how to exercise the RIGHT way, you're not taking responsibility. If you are exercising with the second priority... first, you're not taking responsibility.  To avoid an injury and maximize the long term health effects of exercise it's time to raise your ability to exercise the RIGHT way!

Homework Assignment:

Responsibility in life is very fulfilling on a deeper level.  Ask yourself these question: Who taught me proper exercise technique and proper eating habits?  Do I choose exercise based on how much I enjoy it or because I want to change my image? 

When I see patients who have injured themselves in exercise the conversation goes like this:

PATIENT: "I chose to do (insert exercise, ie. P90X, Insanity, Zumba) because I like it and it's fun. "

ME: " Well have you ever been taught how to exercise correctly or had any formal education in exercise?"

PATIENT: " Not really"

ME: " Then why did you choose  an advanced or an extreme exercise program?"

It doesn't have to be this way. Don't wait for pain and  suffer before you figure this out.  There is a solution! 

If you get what I'm talking about in this blog post, great, you're smarter than you think!  If not, I hope you have good health insurance!  (wink wink)

Start by taking my Free E-course, or purchase my DVD and take responsibility for your exercise decisions.  You can also check out my Amazon Store to see the products and books I recommend.

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