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FREE Total Body Workout!

Posted on September 20 2013 in Total Body Workout

If you just need to get back to the basics or don't have time to get to the gym, I have created a workout that provides a simple way to ensure that you are getting a balanced diet of exercise.  This workout requires little set up, and can be done right at home. Completing each section of this workout the RIGHT way, with the Total Body Posture™ and the Three Step Exercise Technique™, will give you the best advantage to increasing your overall health. You may need to go back and review the DVD to ensure your success.

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Are you sore from workout?

Posted on September 20 2013 in Exercise Pain

“My legs feel like bricks are being thrown at them...I cringe from the pain while walking down the stairs…I can’t even raise my arms without wincing” — these are just a few common complaints from individuals who work hard in the gym. Some kinds of exercise pain are normal when you exert effort on a level that your body isn’t used to, and it can come in different intensities and from many causes. Likewise, being sore from workout can be easily remedied as long as it is appropriately assessed and treated quickly.

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How to Spot the Best Beginner Workout DVD

Posted on July 22 2013 in Recommended Products

How to Spot the Best Beginner Workout DVDLet me start by saying that, on this site, I offer my own Workout DVD, and you would probably think I was crazy if I didn't think it's the best one going. But in this blog post, I'm going to hold judgement on my own DVD and talk about how to spot the best beginner workout DVD for you.

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Four Mistakes to Avoid When You Work Out in a Gym

Posted on July 16 2013 in Beginners Exercise Program

Four Mistakes to Avoid When You Work Out in a GymA lot of people who work out in a gym often don’t get the fitness results they want. In the end, they tend to blame 'their genes' or some unrelated factors that led to them not losing weight or firming up. Gym exercises can certainly be effective as long as they are done properly and regularly. But there are some critical mistakes that you must avoid to be truly successful in achieving your fitness goals.

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