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10 “Must DO” steps for Gym Workouts: Is your choice of exercise too aggressive? (Part 2)

Posted on May 06 2013 in Gym Workouts


Exercise isn't good for you unless you do it RIGHT.  Learning these skills is very much like progressing through school.  You need to start with the basics and build a foundation in order to be able to advance in both home and gym workouts.  In the last blog post I gave you the first five techniques and skills you need to master.  If you missed it, you can read it here.  

Now I am going to tell you skill and techniques numbers six through ten.

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10 “Must DO” steps for Gym Workouts: Is your choice of exercise too aggressive? (Part 1)

Posted on April 30 2013 in Gym Workouts

10 Must DO steps for Gym Workouts

It seems that in gym workouts, fitness centers, and home exercise routines, there is a desire to start out with exercises that are far beyond people's abilities.  For example, right on the box of P90X, it says, "Extreme Home Fitness".  The desire to get those "before and after" results causes temporary blindness to the idea that the methods used are, as stated on the box, EXTREME! 

Now if you're starting to work out, similar to learning and starting to drive a car, would you begin with NASCAR racing?  Yeah, you could win millions of dollars and feel great if you win, but most of us would crash on the first few laps.  It's an extreme kind of driving, using high speed and force requiring advanced skills.  So why would you choose an exercise program like this?  Sure, the "Before and After" results would make you feel like a million dollars when you looked in the mirror, but most people crash and burn and never end up crossing the finish line.

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